A SHOCKING EXPERIENCE By Chris Nelson, Logistic Company 8/9 RAR

Whilst on Longlook in Germany in 1980, I was on exercise in a small German village. I was section commander of a section of Support Company The Royal Scots and was patrolling along a little country lane that reminded me so much of a combat show.
It was getting very dark and we cut through a verdant green paddock. I put the section into arrowhead and took the front myself.
A few minutes later I felt something across my upper front thigh, which was getting tighter as I walked. ‘Strange,’ I thought. ‘What the fuck’s that?’ It was a bloody electric fence. So there I was with a beautifully silent section following the new beaut Aussie Corporal and I knew I was about to scream like a girl.
Well, the first jolt came and I bloody screamed like a banshee because I knew the second bastard volt was coming. I was in front screaming unintelligibly and my screams caused a couple of blokes to panic and start to bolt as well. Then they hit the wire too. Then these black and white dairy cows started to chase the Jocks about the paddock in panic. Christ! It was like the Benny Hill Show. There were Jocks diving over the main fence of the paddock like Olympic divers.
I extracted myself from the electric fence and joined in the soldierly stampede to get over the fence away from the dairy herd.
Oh yes, this really happened and it was one of the funniest things to have been involved in. The company CP heard all the yelling and came out of the woods on the other side of the road to see what the hell was going on.
Killing for peace is like screwing for virginity.

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