AMMO IS SPENT By Darren Townsend

Rodney “Rocket” Ruthem, was a Legion, who slutted his fork around the various battalions. He was my sarge in the late ’90s; a very fit, hard man who had the whole platoon do Jesus Christ chin-ups almost daily. This one time on ex in Pukka, we were doing fire drills with 1 Armoured using the sig phone on the back of Leopard Tanks. During a break, one dig and Rocket decided to have a batting comp in the two portaloos down the paddock, calling out “guns clear when ammo is spent”. The whole time the rest of us, including the Tankies, were calling in fire on the loos. Thinking back, we should have tipped the loos and when they came out brown and blue yelled “rounds out!”
A clean (and dry) set of Greens is a magnet for mud and rain.

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