BUSTED By Brett Wilson, 5/7 RAR (Enemy force for K92)

LOL. It’s funny sometimes the things you do as a young bloke just to have some freedom away from the Army environment, for example having a beer and a good time even though you know that what you are doing may well get you in deep shit, but you are prepared to accept the risk. I remember on K92 with B Coy after having been out bush for a few weeks, we were stuck on some RAAF Base at Wyndham I think it was in WA on a Saturday night. We were told by the hierarchy that no one was allowed off the base and if anyone was found to be on the piss in town, then disciplinary action would be taken. We were allowed, however, to order pizzas and have them delivered. About five of us came up with a plan later on that night that we would bribe the pizza delivery driver, who was on his 20th pizza delivery to the base, to smuggle us off the base and drop us off at the local pub and nightspot. We bribed him with some cash that he couldn’t refuse and he smuggled us off the base in his pizza truck. We were over the moon. When we got dropped off at the nightspot, with music pumping etc, we thought how easy it was and how we had outsmarted the hierarchy who was none the wiser. We entered the bar, happy as Larry and purchased a round of beers. We then moved into the nightclub area of the pub, thinking what a great night we were going to have, when all of a sudden we stopped dead in our tracks and could not believe what we were witnessing. We had walked head on into all of the Bravo Company officers who were all out on the piss. They said to us, “What the fuck are you doing here?”
We replied, “what the fuck are all you officers doing here?” They were as red faced as we were but we all ended up drinking together. They couldn’t charge us because they’d also disobeyed their own command.

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