By Bob Meehan, 4 RAR/NZ

Peter Foley was called up to serve in the Army in October 1969 as a National Serviceman – the same intake as myself. Peter then signed on in the Army in Vietnam to see out the Delta Company 4 RAR/NZ tour. Peter served all his time within 12 Platoon. I found him an outstanding soldier and an even better friend. He was given the nickname “Dogs” after a cartoon character’s dog and he wears it with great pride. Peter was a rough and tough Rugby Union player before and during his Army career. Rival players added “Mad” to the name, so throughout the rugby fraternity he was known as “Mad Dogs Foley”. I feel it’s a great nickname as all who know him will support my view that while he’s drinking, he doesn’t talk, he barks. He is one of the loudest blokes ever to walk into a pub and one of the friendliest.

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