KIGALI NIGHTS By Mark Fildes (aka) Plugger, 2/4 RAR

This is the true account about a very eventful night that I and a good mate of mine experienced whilst on the first rotation to Rwanda as part of Operation Tamar in late 1994. The night was dedicated as a 3 Platoon, Alpha Company, 2/4 RAR piss-up. Such an event was unusual to have in […]

HUNGRY JACKS By Matt Austin, 7 & 8 Plt, C Coy 5/7 RAR

Matt Austin and Dean West and the Kings Cross massacre. On a Sunday night in October ’95, Westy and I decided to get some food from Hungry Jacks in Kings Cross. We’d been to Jason Kieghtly’s wedding the night before and were still on the piss. Whilst waiting at the counter for our bags of […]

THE UNPREDICTABLES By Greg Hopgood, 1 RAR, 7 Pl, C Coy, The Unpredictables

With 1 RAR back in 1994, on Thursdays we were at sporty’s after lunch. Everyone had to do a sport – no excuses. Well, I had a fucked shoulder and could not get in the Aussie Rules side and had my discharge in with a heap of other soldiers. It took six months to get […]


On our last exercise before deploying to Timor in April 2000, we were on ex in Wide Bay and the last night of the exercise was spent patrolling at night through a pine forest. It was pissing down with rain and we were all soaked down to the bone. After a very uneventful night, the […]

TITS HURT By Sean McDonald, 3 RAR

Early in 1993 in 3 RAR, Charlie Company did a full-on “unarmed combat course” at Gan Gan near Nelson Bay. Funny, on our course of just grunts, some female transport soldiers were at Gan Gan doing their own truckie gig in a lecture room. Blue Curran invited some of the girls in for an informal […]

UGANDAN BORDER By Stephen Norton, Kabao Rwanda 3 Section B Coy Cpl S Norton and Pte Timmins 1995/96

A few days after Anzac Day my section was called in after the first night of shootings. We got orders after 1300 hrs and didn’t turn up till night after going through five different maps and nearly going over the border to Uganda. We were then escorted to Kabao, which in itself was funny. Nearly […]

TIMOR 2000 By Brett Starkey, 2 RAR

I was in 9 Pl in 2000 and we had been informed that this was our last night in Aidabaletean before being sent to Batugade to man the various border crossings in the vicinity. For a while I’d been looking at something to ‘souvenir’. We had previously been warned that stealing would not be tolerated […]


I was a young 20-year-old private soldier in the 2/4 Battalion, which was based in Townsville and I was on my first promotion course. It was September 1992 and we had just finished the barracks and theory phase of the course and we were out bush, up at High Range training area, conducting the field […]