Just before deployment to RCB Malaya, I was doing some extras and cleaning up BHQ when A bunch of Military Intelligence and Spools turned up to brief the CO and officers on the situation in Malaya. I greeted them when they arrived with a good little dig salute and all that crap. Their boss stopped and had a chat; he was a nice guy. The others got impatient and gave him the hurry-up. I served coffee and all the crap, made a few snide remarks about military intelligence and got told to fuck off.
The next morning, I was riding out toward the front gate and these three strolled out of BHQ. I sat to attention, gave an eyes left and gave them the bird against the helmet. The guys off roster on the guard room verandah lost it big time, pointing and laughing at them. They got the hump and spun to go tell the CO. They were pulled up by their boss who was also pissing himself. Almost got charged but more extras instead.
The GMPs on the main gate were being little Hitlers, making everyone’s life a pain with over-the-top vehicle stops and searches – just harassing people. So Mark, Greg, Gypo and I decided to mete out some justice. Later on that night, we all turned up on our bikes dressed like Cowboys and Indians and started to ride around and around the guard box, shooting them with water pistols full of red dye.
We bailed and were all raked and put over the coals but they could prove nothing… Cam and concealment worked for me.
For every action, there is an equal and opposite criticism (in recruit

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