DARGON By Taz Ranson, ex-Intelligent Corps

Reminds me of the time (when I was in Int Corps) of a Capt discussing the old WO2s of the Army – their speech and their “learnt by rote… without any thought” sayings. He referred to them as “Dargons”. Having grown up in the regiment in the ’80s, I was well aware of what he was talking about. He once said to me, “Do you know that the word FUCK is actually the Dargon word for UMMM..?” Thinking back on all the speeches I had heard from senior NCOs over the decades, I found that this was true. I laughed so hard I almost had a heart attack. I was fucked for about eight hours because every time I thought of it, I burst out laughing again. Have a think about all the “Dargonisms” you have heard and replace the word “fuck” with “ummm”… It’s pretty bloody accurate…

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