DODGY RAFFLE By Dave Ashworth, 2/4 RAR

The 2/4 RAR boozer committee was ‘handed over’ to C Coy during the Christmas period as we had the dubious honour of working through as the online company. As the social member for the company, I had to come up with a way of supporting coy funds and organising the functions during this period. With the assistance of ‘Spike’ Milligan and Bimbo Pettingal, we devised the plan of a monster raffle, all involving alcohol as prizes. At this stage we had no money to purchase the prizes. After canvassing all the brigade personnel that were involved in rear details and selling raffle tickets, we had the badly needed funds. Unfortunately, the ticket stubs for every person not in C Coy got misplaced and on the day all prizes were rightfully awarded to C Coy personnel… No committee member won a prize, though we were recipients of a few cold ones. For our ingenuity we were promoted to the Battalion Boozer Committee the following year.

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