Still at Shoalwater – PL harbour this time. One of our section got a case of the night terrors. He was sleeping just behind the gun pit when at 3 am he stood up in his bivi bag and started screaming, “FUCK – get me the fuck outta here. FUCKKKK”. Half the platoon shit themselves!
A few days later, we were on the way back to Brisbane and stopped for the night at Rocky. In the tent lines, and on bunks – again at 3 am – he screamed this shit, “FUCK. GET DOWN FROM THERE. FUCKKKKKK.”
Those of us on the top bunks thought we’d overslept so we all jumped down and started getting dressed and shitting ourselves – till we looked around and saw that everyone was still in bed.
Three months later we were in Timor on a tennis court that had been converted to a patrol base. Shit had been going down, and there were threats that they were going to firebomb our tents. We were sleeping on stretcher beds in mozzie domes up on duckboards. In the middle of the night he again screamed, “FUCKKKKKKKK. FUCK. FUCKKKKK” The guy next to him thought we were being attacked. He forgot where he was, grabbed his gat and stood up, except you can’t stand up in a mozzie dome. So it and him rolled off the duckboard into the night terror chap. This woke him up and frightened the fuck out of him for once. Knappy, the seco, was by now running around in his undies, thinking his section was being murdered in their sleep. Not much sleep was had that night.

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