… 1965… Bien Hoa, South Vietnam. We’d just finished an op, showered, cleaned up weapons and re-supped etc, before half a dozen or so of us went over to the 173rd Airborne for a visit and to drink their low- alcohol piss. During the course of conversation, a Yank asked if it was true that we didn’t shave while out bush. One of the blokes said that it was because Vietnam didn’t have a particular tree that was common in Australia. He said that he didn’t know its botanical name but it was commonly called a “Power Plant”. Those Yanks were so bloody gullible. We used to practically piss ourselves laughing about some stories the Yanks believed – hoop snakes, carnivorous wombats, boxing kangaroos, flying foxes, that shit acid to name a few. There was one that they refused to believe and that was the description of a fucking platypus.
The enemy never watches until you make a mistake.

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