HARD TO SWALLOW By Simon Ralph, 8/9 RAR

Lang Park 1981 Rugby League State of Origin
A bloke called Reno A Coy 8/9 RAR, (can’t remember his real name)
was standing on the terraces drinking his beer, when he had an urge to clear his throat. After a big “Hooohh” he spat a blob of phlegm out that hit the handrail in front of him and started to slowly slide down and hang. A big burly Qld copper put one hand on his shoulder and asked, “Did you do that?”
“Yes,” he replied.
“Well, get rid of it then,” advised the copper.
“You want me to get rid of it?” he queried.
“Yes, get rid of it.”
Reno got down on his back under the handrail and, like a piece of
spaghetti, sucked it straight back in. People were dry retching everywhere. Reno was arrested and we were pissing ourselves.

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