HEAVY LIFT By Chris Nelson, 8 RAR

One day a brand new soldier appeared in our company. He was a corporal and was attached to our Q-Store. He was immaculately dressed and his boots and greens had obviously never seen the bush. He was a mystery really and all sorts of rumours went around about him. He just didn’t look like an infantry soldier.
“He was a plant to catch a couple of the Nashos who worked outside off camp; he was a MP plant; he was an officer disguised as an NCO – all types of rumours got around about this guy. He was only in B Coy for a few weeks because one day it was common knowledge that he was getting out of the Army in a day or so. This was weird as well because in those days you went to Discharge Cell for all the admin to be done.
On the day he left, he requested some help in putting his trunk onto the back of a Land Rover as he was dropping his gear off at his parents’ home at The Gap. Bob Nunnan, Glen MacInerny, Fred Amos and I grabbed it for him, but we were astounded by the trunk’s immense weight. It was so heavy that we struggled to get it off the ground and had to enlist some other diggers to lift it. We eventually manhandled the trunk onto the vehicle but we demanded to know what could possibly weigh that much in a trunk. The lid was duly opened and there, neatly packed inside, were thousands of Gillette razor blades, all in five-blade packs. I would guess that there must have been 500 packets in 250 rows at least; it was full to the very top of the trunk. We looked at each other and just shut the lid.
Density of fire increases proportionally to the curiousness of the target.

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