I’LL FOLLOW HIM By Scott Sneddon, 1 Sect, 10 Pl, Delta Coy, 1 RAR

We had a reo from RAR in my section in Somalia who had two UDs in country, the first while we were driving through Mogadishu on Yank trucks (luckily centre seating). A round went into the crowd of locals; we had no idea if anyone was hit. The second one was out on patrol in the middle of nowhere; o dark hundred had been patrolling all day, staggered file, me on the right, he behind me on the left. I’m right handed so I switched hands and was carrying my F88 in my left hand. He was left handed and was bopping along and fell asleep on his feet and fired a round between my legs. My 2IC approached me afterwards and checked my mag and smelt my barrel cos he thought it had been me (thanks worm). Later the No 1 scout of the section behind us came up to me and told me he saw the round hit the dirt between my feet, and that the guy behind me had fired. The same guy also left his 66 in a compound when we left on patrol. A Somali from the compound came running up the street to hand it back to us. Don’t get me wrong, he was a really nice bloke. You just wanted him in front of you, not behind!

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