I’VE GOT AN ICB By Fred Isamu, 3 RAR

We had this fuckwit Pay Sgt at 3 RAR harping on about how he should have been awarded the ICB after Interfet. So we made a lovely phone call from the mortar store advising the orderly room corporal that this was Major Pain advising that the head of Corps Infantry had approved him being awarded the ICB. This stupid cunt couldn’t get his polys on quickly enough.
Over the next couple of days we observed him strutting around like a prized peacock in his polys with the ICB clearly displayed as he pushed the left side of his chest out for the world to see. We couldn’t bear it anymore so we rang back and advised the orderly room sgt that this was Major Pain and that the good old Pay Sgt was a fucking goose who was not entitled to the ICB and that he needed to remove it immediately.

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