KISSED ON THE OLD FELLA By Richard Douglas, 5/7 RAR

It was 1990 and the night before Military Skills at 5/7 – no lock down, no nothing, so me and my mate, Sheeds, trotted off into Sydney and hooked up with some Navy lasses from HMAS Watson. We had a great night and woke up finding ourselves an hour’s drive from base and 30 minutes to step-off.
Mind you, we were late and looking at a few charges each. Anyway, we patrolled all day, did stands and shit and it came to the night harbour and OP. Old Dougy was well and truly shattered and nodded off in the OP. He was woken up by the seco’s size 10 in the ribs – woke you up quick smart.
I was looking at even more charges when the 2IC – God love him – piped up and said, “Dougy, you buy beers for the section when we’re done and we’ll leave it at that.” Kissed on the old fella big time- thanks John Coombes.

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