LAMB ANYONE? By Mark Stewart, ’78 A Coy 8/9 RAR, then Support Coy Anti- Armour/Recon till ’83 then B Coy until ’86

During Ex Droughtmaster, Anti-Armour 8/9 RAR was placed on the screen to provide an early warning for the battalion as we were enemy for the division, so we would hit and run against 1st Armored Reg. Anyway, this went on for six to eight days, with no resupply, so three days after running out of food we hit a lamb and cooked it up. About four hours later we heard this motorcycle. It was the farmer checking his livestock. He popped up to us and asked, “Have you seen any of my sheep?”
“Nah, mate. Haven’t seen any,” and lying in the pit was what was left of his lamb. “Nah, mate, none around here.” Anyway, he went to open his mouth, and the Leopards from 1st Armored showed up so he shat himself and bugged out. After the exercise the battalion commander came up and wanted us to pay for the sheep. We politely told him where to go.

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