LET’S IRON THINGS OUT By Simon Ralph 11 Pl B Coy, 8/9 RAR, 1980

I burnt my arm with my iron while I was carrying it back from the SAL block. A guy was skipping with his toggle rope in the doorway and the rope caught the iron and pulled it onto my arm. He laughed, as I had to go to the RAP to have it dressed, as I had skin hanging off my arm. He didn’t fucking laugh when he was in front of me, running down the stairs at night doing LEAPS. He went from one landing to the other without touching a step. He broke his ankle and was discharged. Fuck, I enjoyed pushing that cunt that night!
And yet despite all our wonderful training at Kapooka and then Singo, there were always a couple of guys in the battalion and you couldn’t help but wonder… how the FUCK did they get through?

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