LIGHT IT UP By Russell Nastasi, 6 RAR

A common occurrence during patrols in Afghanistan was the act of putting down dogs that became aggressive towards dismounted patrols. To prevent bites and the risk of rabies if any aggression was shown, they would be put down with the humble 5.56 mm round.
After one such occurrence we were tasked with destroying the carcass to prevent other locals using it to try and claim compensation. The easiest way to do so was by fire. On this occasion we decided to dowse the carcass in fuel and try and ignite it from a distance using flares. The patrol lined up with flares in hand and in succession attempted to ignite the target. Unfortunately not one of us came even close. The decision was made to use a more standard method and a lighter was produced to start the process. As the flames developed, a thick black smoke started filling the air. At this point Scotty bet me $100 US to go and inhale some of the smoky goodness. Not one to shy away from a bet, I proceeded forward. Stupidly, I approached from the wrong direction and copped the rotten stench metres from my destination. Gagging from the smell and choking from the smoke, I doubled over and began spewing my guts up, much to the delight of the boys who were in fits of hysterics. Unfortunately I never did get my money.
The side with the simplest uniforms wins.

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