There were lots of things to hate in the Army – like off-pay weeks and obstacle courses.
Well, I couldn’t do anything about the pay situation but I made a decision not to let obstacle courses ruin my day. So when my pioneer platoon commander told us to turn up in battle PT dress the following day, I knew it wouldn’t be good.
Pioneers built the obstacle course. We maintained it. We fixed it when it was broken.
So, the next day on the way to the pioneer hut, I put up the “Obstacle course closed” sign. No one was using it on my shift! As a platoon we ran down to the start, where the boss saw the bad news. He let rip a few expletives and explained how we couldn’t get muddy today.
“Damn,” I said, “I was looking forward to the challenge!” So instead we did a couple of laps of the battalion and played touch football.

When reviewing the radio frequencies that you just wrote down, the
most important ones are always illegible.

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