ONLY TWO LEFT By Chris Meehan, Ex-Grunt. 21 Cons Sqn RAE

When I was with 21 Construction Squadron, the unit moved to Brissy. A few of us sappers were sitting in the brew room when in walked the Divisional Commander and all his hangers-on to say “Hi” etc.
Anyway, we were all talking about who was in charge of most men in the Army. Everyone had their say – the Div Commander does, the CO does, etc etc… My mate said that the CPL does, so the Div Commander asked him to explain.
“You give orders to your three infantry unit COs, who then give their orders to their OCs. Each OC gives orders to his three LTs, who in turn give orders to their three CPLs. The CPL gives orders to his 10 men, so the CPLs are in charge of most men.
You could have heard a pin drop. The Div Commander said, “Well, the fewer of you there are in certain positions, the more important you are.”
Another mate chimed in and said, “Fuck, Chris and Diesel must be fuckin’ important,” to which one of hangers-on asked, “Why?”
My old mate explained, “They are the only two brickies left in the Army.”
When a front line soldier overhears two HQ officers conferring, he has fallen back too far.

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