SLIPPED UP By Taz Ranson, 25 Platoon 1 RTB May 87

In ’87 we had a very effeminate guy backsquadded to us. The NCOs disliked him immediately. One day he slipped in the SAL and broke a collarbone. Every platoon member was interviewed to determine who “took” him out. Forty odd guys stated that he just slipped and fell. The NCOs applauded us afterward and gave us a night on the piss at the boozer for getting rid of him and not spilling the beans on who had done the job. We were slightly stunned at their misinterpretation of the truth but enjoyed a night on the piss. This incident did wonders for platoon unity even though no one touched the guy… weird but true.
A couple of the NCOs gave a speech afterward with words to the effect of “Good on you, men… We got lumbered with a fucken fag and you all decided to get rid of him, so you fucken took him down… the best bit was you all stuck together and none fucken squealed… that’s what it’s all about, men… Get rid of the soft cocks and have an airtight story… Great stuff… Because you have displayed out-fucken-standing teamwork, you get to celebrate with a night on the piss minus that fucken fag… etc etc…” Sad but amusing in its own way!

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