THE BIN By Greg Hopgood, 8/9 RAR

It was at Kapooka in ’88. The sergeant was from 8/9 RAR – Sgt Naegle. I also remember polishing the floor with the Canterbury cunt scratcher in front of the staff rooms. I placed the bin in the middle of the foyer so I could polish the edges. Sgt Naegle came up the stairs and had a bin in his path. He poked me and said, “What the fuck is this, Recruit Fucken Hopgood?”
“That’s a bin, Sargent,” I answered.
Well, he fucken kicked the bin that hard that it split and paper towel and a half-finished talcum powder tin went all over me. He then began to scream and spit all over me till it was dripping from my face! With white talc covering me too! He then took his bush hat off, wiped the spit from my face and told me to clean up the mess.
Fuck, I was white as a ghost and I reckon I just about shat myself! He was a very hard man, but as Kapooka came to an end, he was a fair man.

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