THE FLAGS By Craig Hannan, 8/9 RAR

Two bike-riding mates of mine were on the piss one arvo and discussing the brig and some new regs he’d put in place. No one liked them; can’t even remember what they were now.
Anyway, a few beers later Mark decided that we should hit the local Maccas. We did and as we were leaving, he ripped down the Maccas flag and off we went.
We got back on base and Mark grabbed Greg and me, telling us to wait there. He disappeared and came back with his day pack on. We got on the bikes and were off after him. He slid his bike to a halt outside Taskforce HQ, leapt off, told us to cover his arse and proceeded to put up the Maccas flag with a NAZI flag under it… Needless to say, the shit hit the fan big time. He never got caught but there was lots of finger pointing. The boys had a great laugh as not many liked the brig.

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