There was a linger in D Coy 6 RAR. I never knew his background but I think he was just in from Singo and always broke. Anyway, Delta had a two-week ex at Shoalwater and the linger got a chit from the RAP for the flu or some shit, just enough to keep him deploying with the rest of the mob. So on his one day of rear details, he decided to change his chit. He changed the dates and wrote “NO FEILD” on it. Being a good linger, he copied it and handed a copy to the clerk. The problem was, the copy he gave to the clerk was the one he’d changed – in blue pen, AND he’d spelt ‘field’ wrong. Of course, the changes were in different handwriting. CSM Delta made a special trip down from the ex to pick him up. It was most embarrassing to say the least. It would have been a very one-sided conversation on the way back.

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