THEY ARE GODS By Stephen Scott, D Coy 5/7 RAR

We’d just got knocked for the day and my mates and I were marching back to the lines, when as I passed the 5/7 guard room, I heard a voice yell out, “Why are you looking at the ground?”
Without thinking, I yelled back, “I’m looking for my morale, Sir,”
Bad mistake; it was the RSM. He yelled out, “Freeze,” and I did. My
mates took off smiling, telling to me enjoy my weekend. “Scotty, you’re fucked now,” or words to that effect. Well, the RSM came up and unloaded, poking me in the chest with every word.
I kept my weekend. On Monday my pissed-off Pl Sgt informed me that I had the following weekend Saturday and Sunday guard. I learnt then and there that RSMs are Gods in the battalions. Don’t fuck with them.

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