TOGA PARTY By Percy Angilley, 8/9 RAR

Overseas, drinking and nearly in jail – Eric Algra reminded me of one night in Singapore. We were on RCB tour, Dec ’86 – Mar ’87. When we were down Pulada way, we had several days off at Singapore on the piss as normal. One night we decided to have toga party at one of the nightclub bars within walking distance of the hotel in which we were staying. I think this was Roziti and Steve Ferguson’s idea. So we walked there with our hotel bed sheets draped in all different styles and began partying. This part went okay but when we wanted to go back outside the local police had different ideas as to what we could and couldn’t wear in public – they wanted to lock us all up. Luckily the Kiwi MPs (1 RNZIR) were called. They turned up and ferried us back to the hotel so we could get changed and continue partying. That toga party went for several days if I remember rightly. That was the same night Spider Hinkley and Eric Algra did raids on everyone in the hotel dressed only in towels and armed with battery operated Uzi water pistols. Yeah, those blokes with those toy water pistols were mucking around in the hotel lift, and when the doors would open on a new floor they would shoot/wet anyone that tried to get in. It nearly created some heated moments when suddenly the doors opened on the bottom floor and they were confronted by hotel security with real guns. John Stott and some of the lads ending up getting kicked out of their hotel for the damage they caused to their rooms and furniture. They were sent back to Pulada. A few of them had to pay the hotel back in fines, if memory serves correct. Best fucken trip, but…
Those who hesitate under fire usually do not end up KIA or WIA.

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