WAKEY WAKEY By Scott Duncan Richards, 5/6 RAR

I was on piquet and as it was a pretty clear, moonlit night. I didn’t bother making much of an attempt to remember where the pit was of the person I was due to wake up next. This was when I was a digger by the way. So fuck me, over the two something hours of my piquet the clouds set in and the moon fucked off and it ended up dark as a very dark thing.
Next thing, I was bumbling around the company position, waking cunts up at random (and of course really endearing myself), trying to find the bloke who was meant to replace me on piquet. Finally, I stumbled across one pit where the occupant was particularly unimpressed that I didn’t know where the hell I was. In the whispers of the conversation and the darkness of the night I could not exactly discern who it was but he was able to provide quite specific directions to the pit I was looking for. Finally, I found my replacement and turned in for the night.
The next morning the CSM put the company in for a ‘chat’ and remarked that the company as a whole needed to sort its shit out with regards field craft as some idiot had got so bloody lost in the company position last night that he ended up waking up the OC, looking for directions. My understanding is that the OC of the company never worked out it was me, so to the then Major (now Lt Col) Kyle Tyrrell I would just like to say, “Sorry for waking you up that night…”
Things that must be together to work can never be shipped together.

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