YELLOW BIKES By Mick McQueen, RCB Malaysia

In 1979 Rick Piggott, Peter Haynes and I stole one of those yellow RAAF bikes on arrival at RCB Malaysia as we were sick of walking down to the BC bar or all the way up to either the Boatie Tigers Club or Danny’s Bar. We would lock it in a toilet cubicle and just climb over and retrieve it when we went out and just double dink and I can tell you we had our fair share of Monty drain prangs over the journey. It was a wonder nobody twigged that the shitter was always in use. However, you wouldn’t believe it but some arsehole stole it off us from Danny’s Bar one night. I bet it was a thieving Raffie. Oh and Haynsey, the jack cunt, never did any peddling.
There is no such place as a convenient gun pit.

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