“YOU’LL BE SORRY, YOU’LL BE SORRY!” By Kevin James Jorgensen, Recruit

I arrived at Kapooka just after midnight on 4th May 1969. That’s when the screaming started. They lined us up according to height and marched us up to the mess for a feed. I was about sixth in line from memory. We got to the doors of the mess, stopped while we were told what to do, then the guy at the head of the line pushed the doors open and started in.
“’You’ll be sorry, you’ll be sorry!”’ came the chorus from the cooks and their offsiders. Unbeknown to me, the RSM was right behind my left ear.
“’You’ll be fucking sorry in a minute if you don’t shut up!” he roared. You could have heard a pin drop. I get 10% for that ear!

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