BAA BAA By Max Walker, 1 RAR

It was my first trip to Tully as a young digger – all of 17 years of age. WO2 Richo (Bucktooth Richo, 1 RAR Vietnam) was running us through bayonet training, so as per usual when you run through, you are supposed to do a big war cry. Well, me trying to be a funny cunt made a sound like a sheep bleating & Richo overheard it. He said to me, “You obviously don’t take this seriously, young fella.” So whilst everyone else was at breakfast, the old bastard ran me through the three mini bayonet assault courses near the Tully gully for the next 90 minutes. Fuck me, I took bayonet training seriously after that. Ha ha ha.
The worse the weather, the more you are required to be out in it.

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