BUSTED By Logan Trinity, 1 CSSB, OJT as a clerk

A corporal from 7 RAR was sent to Kapooka after 1 RTF – I think it was as an RI. While there, it was a long weekend – a public holiday. He thought, ‘Fuck yeah,’ and didn’t show up to work. They tried calling him but no luck. The next he went to work as […]

NUDIE RUN, ST PATRICK’S DAY, 2006 By A Naughty Digger…6 RAR

I remember once at Puckapunyal we nuded up and streaked the tent lines. The boss (Rupert) yelled at me, “Get over here,” so I stood right close to him at attention and looked down at him, grinning. He told me I had 10 seconds to get my clothes on and go to bed. I replied, […]

WAYNE LEO By Percy Angilley, 8/9 RAR

Wayne Leo was the Line Section Commander of Signal Platoon, Support Company 8/9 RAR. This man was a dynamo and even young Lego (Peter Lergessner), his protégée couldn’t keep up. On one battalion exercise our CO ordered us to advance with radio silence and hence Line Section and Wayne Leo came into their glory. At […]


In 1993 A coy 2/4 RAR were out patrolling in a rubber plantation. It came time to harbour up for the night. All the sections split up, taking different harbour sights for the night. At about 2200 hr there was this screaming as if someone was being killed in a horrible way. As we only […]

GO GET THE FLAG By Darren Townsend 5 RAR

Timor Nov ’99 Interfet, 8 Pl, C Coy of the mighty Tiger Battalion (5 RAR) was on guard at the soccer stadium and distributing rice to the natives. Across the road was a comms building with satellite dishes in the back, all fenced up with barbed wire at the top of the perimeter walls. It […]

AWOL (Absent without leave) By Freddy Warren, B Coy 3 RAR

It was September ’89 and we were going on exchange to Hong Kong with the Gurkhas. At the time I was chasing a girl and stayed at her place the night before, woke up late and missed first parade by about 15 minutes. The CSM was majorly pissed off. He informed me I would be […]