NAVY SEAL By Lee Dontmatter, 5/7 RAR

This story is as true as I stand here… I could not make this shit up.
We were playing OPFOR for an MRE and during one of those 99.9%
times of boredom we were sitting around talking about why we enlisted etc. etc.
This bloke… a brilliant guy… (he is a Clearance Diver now) was telling us that one night he was smoking bongs (he must have given up the weed before his assessment day and was smart enough to answer the drug question with “No”) and was watching GI Jane. He was that inspired that he walked straight into DFR Sydney without ringing 13 19 01 or any of that because he wanted to sign up on the spot…
At this point we were already laughing so f***ing hard that we had tears rolling down our faces. Anyway, he explained that he walked straight up to the girl at the front desk at DFR Recruiting and said, “I want to be a Seal. Sign me up now.”
Now, I don’t know if the girl was able to keep a straight face or keep it together but he told us that she kept trying to explain to him that the Army didn’t have Seals but he could join the Infantry if he liked. She could print out some information for him, he could read it and ring 13 19 01 when he was ready to go through with his application. But nah, my mate would not accept that and he stood there arguing with the girl that he wanted to be a Navy Seal.
As you can imagine, we were balling our eyes out with laughter and just about pissing ourselves when he told this story…
Anyway, it took a service member to come out, sit him down and tell him that the Army had no Seals but he could go to Infantry and try out for SASR later on in his career.
Fark me! He was brilliant! I wouldn’t have minded betting that in a year or two I’d get a phone call from him saying he was now in the Regiment… But it says a lot about the stupidity and naivety of civvies.

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