”STOP! THINK! NO MAGAZINE” By Lee Dontmatter, School of infantry

My mate we’ll refer to as “’Digger”’ was going through his morning routine and had done his cleaning etc and was doing the final function test (f 88). All was good and well except for two things…
1. He put the magazine back in (blanks, thank fuck) before doing the final function test and
2. I was bending down in front of him, squaring my pack away and he was standing one foot from me and had the weapon pointed about 30 centimetres away from my head.
Cock the weapon, weapon should not fire, weapon does not fire, safety catch to instant, pull the trigger, bang! I was just dazed, with ears ringing and screaming, “What the fuck! What the fuck! What the fuck!” Over and over again! And because I was screaming out, the platoon sergeant and boss thought it was me who ND’d and they were screaming, “What the fuck! Olks, was that fucking you? Fucking talk to me, cunt. Was that fucking you?” I just sat there. Digger looked at me and I looked at him. Neither of us wanted to say anything, him cause he was scared of what was coming next and me because I didn’t want to dog the cunt in despite the fact I wanted to kick the shit out of him for scaring me so! He learnt a valuable lesson that day! Make sure the fucking weapon is pointed in a safe direction and for fuck’s sake ‘”Stop! Think! No magazine!”
If your positions are firmly set and you are prepared to take the enemy assault on, he will bypass you.

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