WHAT A PISSER By Brian Smith, 4 RAR (CDO)

I was posted to CTW (the Commando Training Wing) and travelled around as part of the commando selection course. It was run by Major Hans Fleer, ex Regt, Vietnam – a man feared by all. If he was around, everyone paid attention. On one selection course at the back of Singleton Range, I was Cpl Punishment, and as such was at the beck and call of Maj Fleer to oversee and run his course punishments. The DS had a shed to sleep in and prep, with the communal pisser roughly 20 metres away. One cold night I decided to use an orange juice bottle to urinate in as I was cold and tired. As I was urinating, I felt a sudden, hot, burning sensation on me old fella. I’d turned on the tap, so kept going. Heat and pain followed. I controlled the urge to say anything for a couple of minutes before yelling out… This was followed by numerous giggles from the other DS… I threatened to retaliate to the person who had ambushed me when a quiet, calm voice, said, “Do you have a problem with what I did Cpl?”
“No, Sir. Goodnight,” I replied. I don’t know what he put on the bottle but I used the communal pisser from that night on…

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