GLOWING SUCCESS By Jeremy Scamp, A Coy 8/9 RAR

In the early ’90s, I was with A Coy 8/9 RAR on a trip to RCB. We were in Borneo doing some jungle training. We had a night platoon ambush one night and were off doing the recon for it. As usual, we pulled up short of the likely ambush area, and the Platoon Commander, […]

FRIENDLY FOOTY By Johnny Mirotsos 1 RAR 8 Pl C Coy ’88 to ’92

One day we were sitting outside C Coy HQ when Lt Ryan suggested we play a game of touch footy. Somehow touch became tackle; I remember a sergeant whose name eludes me made a break down the sideline. Mick Meehan aka Peewee ran across the field, cocked his elbow and sent the sergeant two metres […]


Heavy Weapons 8/9 RAR were asked to attend an exercise in support of 6 RAR Company Group plus elements of 6 RAR support company – to act as enemy for a 3 BDE exercise in Pucka. If my memory serves me right, it was the early ’90s. Off we went to Pucka – it was […]

KISSED ON THE OLD FELLA By Richard Douglas, 5/7 RAR

It was 1990 and the night before Military Skills at 5/7 – no lock down, no nothing, so me and my mate, Sheeds, trotted off into Sydney and hooked up with some Navy lasses from HMAS Watson. We had a great night and woke up finding ourselves an hour’s drive from base and 30 minutes […]

MACCA’S STORY By Dave J Donnelly, 1 RAR

In Townsville in 1991, a few of the boys decided to head into town one Saturday afternoon and have a few ales at some of the local drinking establishments. A couple of hours in me best mate Ian “Crawford” Macdonald stood up and said he was off to buy a watch. I thought, ‘What the […]