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By Aidan Archer-O’Leary, 5/7, 5 RAR

There’s just something about the Infantry. The more things change, the more they stay the same. The men of the Infantry live as they always have. Endless road marches, mud, rain, snow, sleet, sand, crappy food, last-minute missions and no sleep are just the beginning of what is expected. There is a shared knowledge that […]

KIGALI NIGHTS By Mark Fildes (aka) Plugger, 2/4 RAR

This is the true account about a very eventful night that I and a good mate of mine experienced whilst on the first rotation to Rwanda as part of Operation Tamar in late 1994. The night was dedicated as a 3 Platoon, Alpha Company, 2/4 RAR piss-up. Such an event was unusual to have in […]

ONLY TWO LEFT By Chris Meehan, Ex-Grunt. 21 Cons Sqn RAE

When I was with 21 Construction Squadron, the unit moved to Brissy. A few of us sappers were sitting in the brew room when in walked the Divisional Commander and all his hangers-on to say “Hi” etc. Anyway, we were all talking about who was in charge of most men in the Army. Everyone had […]

JUST A COUPLE OF MILES By Kevin James Jorgensen, Grunt training 4th or 5th week, Inf Centre, Ingleburn

This is a true story. The previous day, Saturday, the boys headed into Liverpool. I was still cleaning my gear so they told me to meet them at the RSL and one of the Sydney boys proceeded to give me directions from the railway station. Anyway, I got in about 4.30 and started looking for […]

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