MOVIE STAR By Phil Brooks 2 RAR Delta Coy 12 Platoon

We were in the Solomon Islands in 2003 – the first ones there when it all flared up. It took probably a couple of months to do all the main stuff we had to do and it started to quieten down a bit, so the battalion decided to start an R&R rotation. It just so […]

PIQUET WITH TWO FULL MOONS By Dylan Teicher, East Timor 2001 (4 RAR)

Pte Clayton “Dawko” Dawkins and I were three or four months into our six months’ tour of East Timor with 4 RAR in 2001. We happened to score a great time slot for our nightly piquet – maybe 10-midnight – so we were happy as pigs in shit, as we were normally the guys on […]


A drunken retard with the situational awareness of a stone would realise that some of the brass in the Defence Force today have no compassion, and no skills to interact with the coal face (diggers) and quite simply put could not give a flying ****! It got me thinking and I come back to a […]

TIMOR 2000 By Brett Starkey, 2 RAR

I was in 9 Pl in 2000 and we had been informed that this was our last night in Aidabaletean before being sent to Batugade to man the various border crossings in the vicinity. For a while I’d been looking at something to ‘souvenir’. We had previously been warned that stealing would not be tolerated […]

THE TULLY SERPENT By John Murray, C Coy 6 RAR – 2003

Tully was home of the Army’s jungle warfare training school. For a young soldier, it was a place name you’d hear thrown around the boozer, usually in connection with stories of rain, prickly “wait-a-while” vines, mosquitoes, snakes and the general discomfort of heavy packs, damp clothing and a chafed groin. It was staffed by wizened […]